Mr Ulster buys a painting

Mr Ulster buys a painting30 November 2017 For my 50th birthday, I wanted a special gift, something that I would always attribute to that milestone event. I have long appreciated visual arts; I even took a few art history modules at university. I dabbled with drawing, which I enjoyed, but quickly realised that getting competent... Continue Reading →

“Art can tread where words and politics often can’t”: The Art of Conflict Transformation @The_JHS

“Art can tread where words and politics often can’t”: The Art of Conflict Transformation @The_JHS by Allan LEONARD for Shared Future News 25 July 2017 As part of the 30th anniversary of the John Hewitt Society international summer school, the Institute for Conflict Research (ICR) sponsored a panel discussion, “The Art of Conflict Transformation”, which... Continue Reading →

Conflicting Images @UlsterMuseum

Conflicting Images @UlsterMuseum by Allan LEONARD for Northern Slant 26 July 2017 As part of its Collecting the Troubles and Beyond initiative, the Ulster Museum currently has an exhibition called Conflicting Images: Photography during the Northern Irish Troubles. In a loose chronology there are 140 images from a variety of photographers. International photojournalists arrived with... Continue Reading →

Softening images of Partition

Softening images of Partition by Allan LEONARD for Northern Slant 24 May 2017 Although John Irvine left Northern Ireland over 15 years ago, having grown up about East Antrim, he retains “strong links” and comes home frequently. Irvine explained how one morning drive accidentally led him to his book, Partition. Irvine picked up photography in... Continue Reading →

Stéphane DUROY: Selecting memories

Stéphane DUROY: Selecting memories by Allan LEONARD for Northern Slant 3 May 2017 A recent exhibition in Le Bal featured a retrospective of the work by Stéphane Duroy. Again and Again contained a selection of hung prints on the ground floor and an installation of his reworked book, Unknown, in the lower level. The prints... Continue Reading →

A good afternoon @UlsterMuseum

At the Ulster Museum, my method is to head straight to the lift and go to the fifth floor, avoiding the history sections; it's gotta be fine arts for me. My motivation today was the Francisco Goya exhibition, The Disasters of War, which I learned about in an art history module at university. I remember... Continue Reading →

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