Reflected Lives: Broadening the canvas of the past

Reflected Lives: Broadening the canvas of the past An oral history project at a Belfast interface by Allan LEONARD for Shared Future News 10 April 2018 Joe O’Donnell (Strategic Director, Belfast Interface Project) told the audience that the auspicious date for today’s exhibition launch was no accident. With reference to the much publicised conference at... Continue Reading →

Mr Ulster buys a painting

Mr Ulster buys a painting30 November 2017 For my 50th birthday, I wanted a special gift, something that I would always attribute to that milestone event. I have long appreciated visual arts; I even took a few art history modules at university. I dabbled with drawing, which I enjoyed, but quickly realised that getting competent... Continue Reading →

Open space photography at the Linen Hall Library

Open space photography at the Linen Hall Library by Allan LEONARD for Northern Slant 31 May 2017 Gaining inspiration from viewing the archive postcard collection at the Linen Hall Library, a group of participants in a community photography workshop facilitated by Belfast Exposed set out to document their views of sharing and respecting open space... Continue Reading →

Then & Now: Belfast Blitz

Then & Now: Belfast Blitz by Allan LEONARD for Northern Slant 17 May 2017 In an apparent continuation of their Then & Now series, the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) has produced a new set of blended images that show the material destruction caused by the Belfast Blitz attacks (April-May 1941), alongside contemporary... Continue Reading →

NVTV Focal Point: Janice BEGGS

NVTV Focal Point: Janice BEGGSby Allan LEONARD for Carnegie Oldpark10 April 2017 Local community worker in north Belfast, Janice Beggs, was interviewed by NVTV, where she spoke about her recent receipt of the “Local Campaigner of the Year” award from the Sheila McKenzie Foundation, as well as her work as an area manager for the... Continue Reading →

Heritage for regeneration: A walking tour of North Belfast Cultural Corridor @ImagineBelfast

Heritage for regeneration: A walking tour of North Belfast Cultural Corridor by Allan LEONARD for Carnegie Oldpark 22 March 2017 As part of the Imagine Belfast Festival of Ideas and Politics, participants walked along the North Belfast ‘Cultural Corridor’, ending up at Ulster University for a brief seminar on the potential of community-led regeneration utilising... Continue Reading →

Patterns of the City – Belfast city dressing project

Alderman Christopher Stalford, Chairman of Belfast City Council`s Development Committee launches "Patterns of the City" project After the disappointing recent additions of the broken Slinky Spirit of Belfast and the multistory whale bones Belfast Streets Ahead feature lighting masts public art installations, I was depressed about what statutory agencies have commissioned to demonstrate Northern Ireland's vision.Today a... Continue Reading →

What does ‘unite’ mean to you?

What does 'unite' mean to you? Culture Night Belfast by Allan LEONARD for Shared Future News 24 September 2010 As part of Culture Night Belfast, which was supported by the Unite against Hate campaign, Moochin Photoman took some distinctive portrait photographs using a 'Through the Viewfinder' technique. I asked those who were photographed, "What does... Continue Reading →

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