What does ‘unite’ mean to you?

What does 'unite' mean to you? Culture Night Belfast by Allan LEONARD for Shared Future News 24 September 2010 As part of Culture Night Belfast, which was supported by the Unite against Hate campaign, Moochin Photoman took some distinctive portrait photographs using a 'Through the Viewfinder' technique. I asked those who were photographed, "What does... Continue Reading →

Review – Roderick BUCHANAN (Ormeau Baths)

I viewed the Roderick Buchanan exhibition at the Ormeau Baths Gallery. I was intrigued by the references to sectarianism. Much of what was displayed was drawn on his "Histrionics" work, commissioned by the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow Museums, in 2007. Ormeau Baths doesn't allow any photography, so you'll have to make do with a... Continue Reading →

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