Le incertezze del’Irlanda del Nord (Swiss Radio RSI)

Le incertezze del’Irlanda del Nord (Swiss Radio RSI)2 March 2017 Lorenzo AMUSO reported from Belfast for Swiss Radio RSI, on the impending 2017 elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly. He interviewed Allan LEONARD (Northern Ireland Foundation), Alan MEBAN (@alaninbelfast), John McCORRY (North Belfast Partnership), and Brian FEENEY (St Mary’s College). Leonard said: “Although we’ve had... Continue Reading →

A long successful result

How tired am I? With about 10 hours sleep over two days, I'm planningon spending most of the weekend lying low. It was a long and successfulresult for the Alliance Party. I may have only got 521 votes (1.1%) inFermanagh & South Tyrone, but this was double the 2003 result. Ialso took pleasure in beating... Continue Reading →

Portuguese target letter

Today I posted a target letter, written in Portuguese,to those Portuguese households in Fermanagh & South Tyrone that Icould identify on the electoral register. Many thanks to mysister-in-law for the translation. You never know what effect such aneffort has, but I figure there's no harm in letting people know that ifthey want an alternative choice... Continue Reading →

Poll reveals tribal parties won’t deliver

Allan Leonard, Alliance Party candidate for Fermanagh & SouthTyrone, has claimed that a poll published by the Belfast Telegraphshows that people are not confident that the tribal parties willdeliver devolution. The poll revealed that only 12% of respondents saidthat it was very likely that devolution will return following thiselection.Allan Leonard said: "This poll shows that... Continue Reading →

Leonard slams SDLP ‘border poll’ proposal

Allan Leonard, Alliance Party candidate for Fermanagh & SouthTyrone, has slammed the SDLP for proposing that there should be a'border poll' once the Assembly is restored, and pointed out that a'border poll' is actually the most destabilising event possible.Allan Leonard said: "The last thing that Northern Ireland needs is a 'border poll'."It beggars belief that... Continue Reading →

Alliance manifesto will deliver better future for NI

Allan Leonard, Alliance Party candidate for Fermanagh & SouthTyrone, has stated that by pledging himself and his party to endsegregation, the Alliance Party manifesto provides local people with the chance to see a better future forNorthern Ireland. He has highlighted that other parties' policies ofsegregation cost taxpayers over £1 billion every year, and outlined howvital... Continue Reading →

NI should lead way on green issues

Allan Leonard, Alliance Party candidate for Fermanagh & SouthTyrone, has stated that Alliance is committed to making green issues apriority in the Assembly, so that Northern Ireland can be a worldleader in recycling, renewable energy and environmental protection.Allan Leonard said: "The Alliance Party has been long committed tomaking Northern Ireland a best practice model on... Continue Reading →

Impartial Reporter statement

I submitted the following to the Impartial Reporter, who asked for a 350-word statement from all the candidates/parties:People have every right to be angry at the failure of unionist andnationalist politicians to deliver and sustain devolution. Thestop-start political process has denied Northern Ireland many preciousopportunities. Too many difficult problems have been allowed to festerthrough political... Continue Reading →

GAA clubs should be mixed

In response to the idea put forward by the President of the GAA,Nickey Brennan, the Alliance Party candidate for Fermanagh & SouthTyrone Allan Leonard has stated that it would be far better to havemixed GAA clubs instead of creating new ones for Protestants only.Allan Leonard said: "I would rather that the President of the GAAencouraged... Continue Reading →

Charles Kennedy in town

Charles Kennedy, former leader of the Liberal Democrats, flew intoBelfast today to demonstrate his support for Alliance Party candidates.There was a media scrum in front of Belfast City Hall, before a team ofus candidates and supporters walked down Donegall Place for some middaycanvassing.Ipopped out of my office for the occasion, with my work colleaguesunawares of... Continue Reading →

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