Don’t leave carers in the dark

Allan LEONARD and Beverley BEATTIE The following article was published in the 2015–16 annual review of the Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke: Don’t leave carers in the dark While we often hear what it’s like to fight the long battle of recovery after stroke, we don’t always hear what it’s like to be a carer... Continue Reading →

Seeking better patient outcomes: Music to the ears of occupational therapists #ValueofOT

Seeking better patient outcomes: Music to the ears of occupational therapistsby Allan LEONARD11 November 2016 The College of Occupational Therapists (COT) held a launch event at the Long Gallery of Parliament Buildings, for their campaign on the value of occupational therapy, “Improving lives, saving money”. The event was sponsored by Claire Hanna MLA, who apologised... Continue Reading →

Integrate emotional support says stroke survivor

Earlier this week, Madame Oui (aka my awesome wife Beverley) went up to Parliament Buildings to address a group of MLAs at the Northern Ireland Assembly. It was a very positive and constructive meeting, resulting in some agreed steps forward (next stop: the Assembly’s Health Committee). Beverley later remarked, “I’ve become a campaigner!” And one... Continue Reading →

The emotional impact of stroke

I woke up next to my partner, to a spokesperson from the Stroke Association talking about their new report, “Feeling overwhelmed: The emotional impact of stroke”: “Are you listening to this?” I asked Madame Oui. “Yes.” My wife had a stroke in February 2012. Her remarkable recovery is a long story, one which we are... Continue Reading →

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