Book review – To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper LEE)

Somehow I escaped reading this essential school text, with its story of racism in 1930s American South. Living in Northern Ireland, I draw parallels with sectarianism, with its similar bigotry and prejudice. To Kill a Mockingbird was part of a Unite Against Hate campaign event at Parliament Buildings in Northern Ireland, which I've written about... Continue Reading →

What does ‘unite’ mean to you?

What does 'unite' mean to you? Culture Night Belfast by Allan LEONARD for Shared Future News 24 September 2010 As part of Culture Night Belfast, which was supported by the Unite against Hate campaign, Moochin Photoman took some distinctive portrait photographs using a 'Through the Viewfinder' technique. I asked those who were photographed, "What does... Continue Reading →

Witnesses must report Hate Crimes

Speaking at the launch of a pilot initiative to report hate incidents, Alliance South Belfast representative, Allan Leonard, has encouraged victims as well as witnesses to come forward. He has also called for an official to be appointed to monitor the implementation of hate crime legislation in Northern Ireland. Project RIOH (Recording Incidents of Hate),... Continue Reading →

Anti-racism statement challenges us all

Alliance South Belfast representative Allan Leonard has said today's launch of an anti-racism statement by the South Belfast Roundtable on Racism presents a challenge to everyone. The formal statement was made at an event in the offices of the Equality Commission recognizing Community Relations Week. Allan Leonard, the party's acting General Secretary, said: "Today's anti-racism... Continue Reading →

Alliance signs up to non-racist society

At an event held in the EU Commission Office today, Alliance representative Allan Leonard signed the Charter of European Political Parties for a Non-Racist Society on behalf of the party.Speaking at the event to mark European Week Against Racism, Allan Leonard stated: "Racism, sectarianism and other forms of prejudice are about institutionalising difference and putting... Continue Reading →

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