The myth of Eurabia, in Northern Ireland

In the ethnic mix of many modern and open cities, the Parisian neighbourhood of Belleville reflects a cosmopolitanism of shared spaces and the everyday need to just get on with the demands of life -- working, school, shopping.Yet as Simon Kuper points out in his very interesting article, "The myth of Eurabia", not all Muslim... Continue Reading →

Your space or mine?

Your space or mine? @PLACENI by Allan LEONARD for Shared Future News 5 February 2009 Last night I attended an exhibition launch for a project called "your space or mine?", in which the organisers ask: Do current urban renewal and development models offer hope of shared and integrated futures for interface communities? What role can... Continue Reading →

The venomous media voices (Guardian)

Madeleine Bunting writes in The Guardian on the internal debate within the British Government of how to best engage with the Muslim community, in regards to eliminating Islamic terrorism: "The venomous media voices who think no Muslim is worth talking to". This article generated over 300 online comments, including one from me, which was in... Continue Reading →

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