Troubled Images – Gordon GILLESPIE lecture 20100721

Troubled Images Exhibition14 June 2010 - 11 September 2010Location: Vertical GalleryAdmission: FreeTroubled Images Exhibition    EXHIBITIONAll 70 political posters from our 'Troubled Images' exhibition, documenting the years of the Northern Ireland conflict, have been hung five storeys high in our Vertical Gallery.The exhibition has travelled throughout the world to inform and educate the general public about... Continue Reading →

Troubled Images on Tour in Portadown

As published in the Winter 2007 edition of the Linen Hall Library Newsletter: Back from a successful tour of Bethlehem, Nablus and Ramallah in the West Bank, the award-winning Troubled Images exhibition was launched at the Millennium Court Arts Centre in Portadown on 17th October. This is the first time that the exhibition has been... Continue Reading →

Political broadsides from Belfast’s Linen Hall (Irish Echo)

Political broadsides from Belfast's Linen Hall Steven McKinley (Irish Echo) 26 May 2004 Writing for the Irish Echo, Steven McKinley presents his review of the Troubled Images exhibition, "Political broadsides from Belfast's Linen Hall": An alien visiting the traveling exhibition "Troubled Images: Posters and Images of the Northern Ireland Conflict" would be forgiven for thinking... Continue Reading →

The Troubles and former Eastern Germany

Belfast Gonzo raises the topic of nostalgia-gazing of former Eastern Germany, and whether Northern Ireland is ready to look at some of its Troubles artefacts. Gonzo, are you old enough to remember the 1994 exhibition, Symbols, created by Rhonda Paisley and supported by the Community Relations Council? I even own a video about the exhibition,... Continue Reading →

Troubled Images (Hoover Digest)

Troubled Images: The Northern Ireland conflict as seen from the participants' strikingly different perspectives Cissie Dore Hill (Hoover Digest) 1 April 2004 Writing for the Hoover Digest, Cissie Dore Hill discusses the Troubled Images exhibition at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, "Troubled Images: The Northern Ireland conflict as seen from the participants’ strikingly different perspectives":... Continue Reading →

Hoover Institution: Troubled Images exhibition opening

Troubled Images exhibition opening: Northern Ireland's past, present, and future discussed Hoover Institution 29 March 2004 The Hoover Institution at Stanford University opened their hosting of the Troubled Images exhibition, which includes a seminar, "Troubled Images exhibition opening: Northern Ireland's past, present, and future discussed": "I want to talk about the future—how to move into the future"... Continue Reading →

Troubled Images: Chicago & Denver

Troubled Images: Chicago & Denver Linen Hall Library newsletter November 2003 Yvonne Murphy, Troulbed Images Tour Director, writes for the November issue of the Linen Hall Library's membership newsletter, "Troubled Images: Chicago & Denver": The exhibition opened at the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago on 6th September. A huge complex on the outskirts of... Continue Reading →

USA tour: Meridian International Center

USA tour: Meridian International Center 6 May 2003 The Linen Hall Library announced that the Meridian International Center will be responsible for the presentation of the Troubled Images exhibitions throughout the United States. The Troubled Images exhibition was launched by Senator George Mitchell at the Meridian International Center in Washington D.C. on 6th May. Bill... Continue Reading →

Etudes Irlandais review

Etudes Irlandais review Wesley Hutchinson 1 April 2003 Writing for Etudes Irlandaises (Printemps 2003), Wesley Hutchinson presents his review of the Troubled Images CD-ROM and exhibition book: The Troubled Images CD-ROM is a remarkable resource. It has been compiled from the internationally acclaimed archive of the Northern Ireland Political Collection held at the Linen Hall... Continue Reading →

Exhibit explores Troubles Images (The Heights)

Exhibit explores Troubled Images Tom Barletta (The Heights) 17 March 2003 Writing for The Heights ("The Independent School Newspaper of Boston College"), Tom Barletta writes, "Exhibit explores 'Troubled Images'": A retrospective of political and terrorist propaganda posters, created and distributed during the conflict in Northern Ireland, opened for viewing in the John J. Burns Library.... Continue Reading →

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